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Friends and partners

Ritter Sport Academy

In cooperation from July, 2015 we organize social, educational, sports and health promotion activities and projects for children and youth.

Nonformal education centre

In cooperation from 2012 we organize child-friendly activities and programmes for social inclusion. Centre provides nonformal learning, psychological and social services for children and their families in Utena and Vilnius.

Culture workers’ association

In cooperation from 2012 we implement common projects in the fields of culture, education, nonformal learning and social protection.

Vilnius city Naujamiescio education house

In cooperation from 2010 we organize cultural, social and educational events for children, methodological trainings for workers as well as sharing of “good practice”.

Social Partnership Centre organizes activities together with volunteers: fosters civic participation, social inclusion, contributes to the protection and ensurement of the children rights, non-discrimination, the promotion of responsible and meaningful leisure services for children and young people, strengthens NGO sector.

About us

Who we are, what we do and why
Do good - feel good!

Social partnership centre has been doing "good" since 1997. The main activities of the Centre are aimed at children and young people, their families and the community. The Centre carries out preventive projects for children and families in difficult situations, organize meaningful and interesting activities for young people. Activities are organized by the centre staff and volunteers. They are targeted at fostering civic participation, promotion of social inclusion, responsible and enjoyable leisure. The centre contributes to the protection of children rights, promotion of non-discrimination, strengthening of non-governmental organizations sector in the national and regional level.

  • 5 - that's our house number, Visu Sventuju str. 5

    Visu Sventuju str. 5, Vilnius

  • 10 - wonderful volunteers

    Play with children, organise activities and leasure

  • 20 - successfully implemented projects

    Various activities, trainings, visits to the regions

  • 25 - children attending activities in the center

    Do their homework, communicate, have fun

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Our team

Experienced, dedicated, compassionate
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Legal representation, leadership of the Centre, project manager, children’s summer camp organizer.
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Excellent child protection rights specialist, organizing social, educational and cultural activities for children.


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