#CareerInAction: six young people developed their employability skills

January 14, 2018

Social Partneship Centre gave possibility to six young people from three Lithuanian cities to take part in Erasmus+ youth exchange which took place in Cyprus. Project called ‚Career in action‘ was organised in Kannavia village on 7-17 December, 2017 by Cypriots NGO ‘PlanBe, Plan it Be it‘ with the partnership of Social Partnership Centre and other NGOs from Europe.

Project was aimed for young people, aged 17-30 years old, to develop their employability, career planning, digital and other useful skills. During 10 days of training young people had possibility to improve their public speaking, conflict resolution and other essential skills.

Representatives from six countries – Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Lithuania – took part in this training. In order to let people to discover other countries not only via intercultural evenings, but also via daily life, each participant lived with representatives from other two countries. So there were three people from different countries living in one room for 10 days. And, by the way, there were no conflicts between people because of living in a such way.

In the end of the project representatives from majority of countries said that a possibility to live with people from other countries was one of the best possibilities to discover nationalities of other countries which they have never met before.

Below are impressions from Lithuanian team and their thoughts how they will use the knowledge they gained in their daily life:


It was awesome project with great participants. Right now I have a plan to make a short workshop at my work, involving all my colleagues from department. The workshop idea is to improve basic skills of public speech using a ‚elevator talk‘ method. I hope our organization will notice the importance of public speech skills and will support a bigger workshop idea.


It was strange to be there where there is no snow in winter and to see how the flowers bloom. It is very interesting experience for me.

In my eyes, this project let us to overcome our fears which are related with public speaking and conflict resolution. I was also excited that we had possibility to discover new culture and new country every evening. Representatives of each country prepared their traditional food as well as showed their traditional songs and dances. I was impressed about that.

What is more, I gained useful information about career planning and I believe I will atjust this knowledge after ending school.


Thanks to this project I met lots of interesting people, found great partners for our NGO with whom I believe we will continue cooperation in the future while implementing EU funded projects.

What is more, I improved my public speaking skills and got useful information about how efficiently to deal with the conflicts.

Photos: https://www.instagram.com/planbe_your_dreams/

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