Getting to know La Rotllana or how lucky were our volunteers in Spain

November 19, 2017

Social partnership centre is involved in many activities including those, outside the centre.
During more than 15 years of activities and collaboration we have already made a lot of friends and a lot of connections between other organisations, due to which we can write new projects and offer trainings for our volunteers to improve and later share with collegues.

This time our long-term volunteers Emilija and Vytautas were given an opportunity to go to Badalona, Spain where they together with other participants from various countries participated in training held by La Rotllana, where they were learning how to connect formal and nonformal education, why it is in high importance and how to find ways in between institution communication and development.

The name of the project was “Challenge” , which was related with challenges our profesionals who work with children and youth have to solve on everyday basis. In whole project were many organizations with their representatives from different countries: Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria and also representatives from different parts of Spain. Our volunteers had an opportunity to participate in skills training workshop, where they were learning how to lower the separation between cultural or national minorities, improve communication between teachers and parents, how to organise interactive activities. In order to put theory in practise our volunteers had to held a full class for teenagers from socially unstable social classes and minorities. Also our volunteers had been in different schools having different points of view towards teaching. For example in one kindegarden/primary school the authorities keep the view, that children have to learn from practise not from books, that is why they do not use elementories in school. Also our volunteers had a chance to visit and the representatives from different educational organisations (La Rotllana, Jaume Bofill foundation, Municipal Institute for the Promotion of Employment (IMPO), Barcelona University (for a work-shop of mediation and resolution of conflicts in educational comunity). They also had an opportunity to visit non educational institutions – Badalona TV and radio, Municipality of Badalona, Casteller community, where they learned how to build human towers, where the support and trust of others is most needed.

It looks like that only one week was spent abroad but the amount of knowledge and insights is not countible. While all the new knowledge is being filtrated and shifted into proper sections our volunteers are delighted and excited to share and try the gained knowledge from the projects with youth.

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