Second Meeting of partners in “MADE in the EU” project

August 2, 2018

On March 22 – 24th, 2018, the second project partners meeting of the project “Methods for Adult Education in the EU” (MADE in the EU) took place in Caserta, Italy. During the meeting, each partner organization presented both the economic, employment-related and adult education situation in their country and region. Also there were discussed the issues related to each organizations’ target group of socially excluded adults: immigrants (Lithuania, Greece), the long-term unemployed (Italy), people with mental problems (Poland), unemployed young people (Italy); low educated people. The research and presentation by each partner organization made it possible to get an idea of ​​what problems the target groups face in each country, and which good examples can be found on how to deal with these issues. There are not many examples in good practices, so the MADE in EU project faces a serious challenge for the development of tailor-made training programs for their target groups to reduce the social exclusion of vulnerable adults.

In the meeting it was also discussed the selection procedures of project participants and a questionnaire on the basis of which each partner organization will determine the learning needs of its target groups was developed. As the target groups of each organization differs slightly, it is likely that the questionnaire results will show different learning needs: some participants may need to learn computer literacy, some – languages, and some may need to acquire basic social skills. Training programs based on questionnaires will be presented at the third meeting of the project partners, which will take place in September 2018 in Athens, Greece.

We remind that the Social Partnership Center, together with partners from Italy, Greece and Poland, are implementing International Strategic Partnership project “Methods for Adult Education in the EU” (MADE, EU), project No. 2017-1-LT01-KA204-035228, funded by the Erasmus+ program. The project aims to exchange best practices in developing and implementing adult education programs among the five partner organizations working in this field: Social Partnership Center (Lithuania), GODESK S.R.L. (Italy), Informamentis Europa (Italy), EEO Group (Greece) and Euro-Idea Fundacja Spoleczno-Kulturalna (Poland). Project duration – 2 years. During the project implementation period, each participating partner organization studies adults’ education problems in its region, identifies barriers for adult development, pools of study groups of around 20 adults, facing educational disadvantages due to certain social exclusion, applies training methods to these groups and tests new training models, and also will analyze the results of the training and publish the conclusions in the international platforms related to project communications.

It is planned to work in Lithuania with adults with lower education and professional experience, who have lower economic status, and it is planned to include both refugees and immigrants living in Lithuania in the process of developing learning methods. It is expected that the social, socio-cultural competences of the project participants will improve, increase motivation for learning and reduce social exclusion.
The planned end of the project and the publication of the results achieved is August 2019. The project is headed by Stasė Makštutienė, Director of the Social Partnership Center of VŠĮ.

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