January 4, 2021

Social Partnership Centre aims to promote social inclusion by involving children, young people and others in regional, national, international programmes in the education, health,social, cultural and other areas. Activities of the Social Partnership Centre are as follows:

1. strengthen the NGO sector at regional, national and international level;

2. organise cultural education activities and art therapy, inviting lectors, experts, trainers in culture methods;

2. provide training and advice on human rights, the protection of children’s rights, health, education, sport, social and other areas;

3. develop adult non-formal education initiatives through Erasmus+ projects and other project activities;

4. provide psychological, social, legal and other services to children, young people and individuals (family) in crisis situation;

5. ensure the well-being of children, young people and the family;

6. organise the prevention, intervention and postvention activities for the families, children, young people, women, men;

7. provide training to professionals working with children;

8. aim to strengthen equality between men and women;

9. conduct various educational activities for migrants and asylum seekers.

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